2017 STAR Team Report

STAR Teams 2017 —

were some of the best summer crusades ever because of what the Lord accomplished.

The STAR Team strategy began with a May visit to LaEntrada, Copan in Honduras where we met with five churches to plan out the summer trips. The following video gives an overview highlighting the results of the 2017 Star Medical Team efforts.

The STAR Medical Team was comprised of a group of 33. In the course of the week of June 17-25, the team treated 893 patients. The STAR Evangelism Team returned the last week of July to follow up and visit the people who were served during the medical clinics. The teams also went door-to-door to present the Gospel, discuss spiritual needs, and to pray with them. They visited 162 homes and spoke with over 300 people. Finally, the STAR Discipleship Team returned to LaEntrada, August 14-20, to teach and train the churches to understand and communicate the gospel well and show how to disciple others. The believers were excited to learn from God’s Word and their number increased each night. At the end, many gave testimony of blessing and challenge from the training, and asked, “How soon will you come back?”

The Lord was faithful to bring our teams together, provide the funds and resources for ministry, prepare the hearts of the people, and encourage the pastors and churches. The STAR Teams were privileged to pray with over 1,000 people; guide about 350 who professed faith in Jesus Christ; and encourage about 200 in assurance of faith, repentance, and reconciliation.

One highlight is how the Lord worked through Daniel, a teenager serving as a translator for STAR Evangelism Team. He was encouraged the last day to take the lead and share the Gospel with another teen, who responded in faith in the Lord! Daniel was so excited that he continued to proclaim the Gospel leading five other young people to Christ!

Sharing the Good News


Translators are a huge help!


There are many other “Daniel” stories of God’s work through the lives and ministry of common people who were simply willing to “GO” and be used by God! Thank you to those who made it possible for them to go, through generous giving, faithful prayer, and encouragement, ALL for the glory and praise of God.
So… are you willing to “GO” next June, July, or August?