Community Evangelism

Next STAR Evangelism trip:

Dates TBD.

Call 813-920-2264 or email:

This year our STAR Teams was in and around the area of La Ceiba, Honduras.

Next year's location should be available soon. We will be working with various churches who have been prepared for this week by our Evangelism Training Seminars. The STAR Medical Team will help to prepare the community.

The impact of STAR Medical Team will be known throughout the community. As our STAR Evangelism team meets with various people in the community we are able to tell them that we are the same organization that conducted the medical clinics the previous month. This connection helps to open doors so we can share the love of God.

It is also our hope that many of the people who take part in the Evangelism Training Seminar in April will be able to join our team in sharing the Gospel. It gives our team members the chance to mentor to their brothers and sisters from the Honduran churches and to work with them in a practical way so they can become more comfortable sharing their faith.

Would be willing to join us? You will be a blessing to many people, but you will be on the receiving end of blessings as well. If you would like more information, please call 813-920-2264 or email:

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