Short Term Missions


(Sowing, Teaching, And Reaping)

An Exciting Opportunity for You

"Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever." — Daniel 12:3


Varied team ministries

  • Personal witness teams
  • Evening evangelistic meetings
  • Partnerships with local churches and church leaders
  • Typically, several hundred people trust Christ during the outreach
  • BBI Discipleship courses taught in campaign follow-up

Experience the joy and excitement of leading another person to the Lord in his or her own home in an overseas country.

Work side by side with nationals who know both English and the language of the country – people who are able to help you understand the culture and interpret what you say to others.

Go deeper into a culture than an average tourist who sees only the inside of a hotel or other Americans on a tour bus.

You won’t be alone. Each mission trip is led by an experienced Bible Basics International missionary accompanied by other missionaries and pastors of U. S. churches.

Anticipate true growth as local churches invite the new believers to BBI discipleship courses following the campaign.

For those who may be interested in participating in one of our BBI STAR Team trips please Click Here for more detailed information about team member requirements.