How to Pray for Missionaries

Practical Praying For Missionaries

I. Why do we need to pray for missionaries?

A. They are real people. They deal with day-to-day issues just like us — not as easily though.       

    They are not exempt from  loneliness, frustration, new diet, etc.

B. They are special people. They are "called". Acts 13:1-3


II. How should we pray for missionaries?

By  name

Specifically. Just like we pray for our family — health, struggles, etc.


1. Sunday — Spiritual life

  1. The missionary's prayer life. (priorities, no distractions, not too busy)
  2. The missionary's quiet time. (consistent)

2. Monday — Money

  1. The Missionary's support needs.
  2. The Missionary's personal stewardship.

3. Tuesday— Team Members

  1. Relationships with field and home office leadership.
  2. Relationships with co-workers.
  3. Relationships with Nationals (blending of cultural differences)

4. Wednesday — Witness

  1. Boldness — Eph. 6:18-19
  2. Open Doors — Col. 4:2-3
  3. Clarity — Col. 4:4
  4. Results — I Thess. 3:11

5. ThursdayTemptation

  1. Temptation to develop wrong attitudes and motivations.
  2. Temptation to be inactive and give up.
  3. Power of PrayerTemptation to be impure (thoughts or motives).

6. Friday — Family

  1. The Missionary's marriage.
  2. The Missionary's children.
  3. The Missionary's Extended Family (in the US).

7. Saturday — Safety

  1. Travel (thousands of miles each year).
  2. Health (different cultures treat differently).
  3. Persecution