Travis & Emily Mitten

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Travis and Emily Mitten joined Bible Basics in 2005. They live with their family in Siguatepeque, Honduras in Central America. Travis is involved in teaching and training the leaders of local churches, who for various reasons are not able to attend a formal Bible institute or seminary. Generally, the biggest obstacle for these men to receive training is the fact that they have secular jobs and are not able to leave these jobs in order to take classes. Therefore, the Mittens have arranged their teaching ministry so that they can meet with small groups of men in various locations on a schedule which allows the men to keep working. The usual format is to meet with them once a week for three to four hours.

Travis and Emily are both graduates of Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, Florida. They were married in 1995, and have been blessed by God with four wonderful daughters. For nearly ten years, Travis was pastor of Keystone Bible Church in Odessa, FL, not far from the headquarters of Bible Basics International. This close proximity allowed for the Mittens to develop friendships within BBI even before God led them to join the mission in November of 2005.

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