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Hope RadioGod has given Bible Basics International an unprecedented opportunity to minister in Northern Togo West Africa. Bible Basics International (BBI) and Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) are partnering together in a unique opportunity for the advancement of the cause of Christ. The impact of this radio ministry will be significant in bringing light and hope to people who are lost in darkness.

Hope Radio will reach into countries and into the privacy of people’s homes and lives in a way that few mediums can. It will enable ABWE’s hospital to educate people and improve their physical well-being while at the same time opening their hearts to the life-changing message of the gospel.


Mango, Togo is within the 10/40 Window:

The 10/40 Window is a region of the world characterized by its great poverty, poor quality of life, and little to no access to Christian resources. Yet, it is called the 10/40 Window because of the enormous window of opportunity found here. Although most governments in this region are formally opposed to Christianity, the Togolese government has enthusiastically invited ABWE to build a hospital in this deeply oppressed Islamic city. Hope Radio will expand the hospital reach and assist in evangelism and discipleship.

The goal of Hope radio is to reach people in four countries: Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin. As God directs, Hope Radio can be expanded in the future to meet the spiritual void in other West African countries.

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In Mango, where the station will be located, eighty percent of the inhabitants are Muslim. Many others live in perpetual fear of the wrath of “the spirits,” incessantly trying to appease them through pagan sacrifices. The country of Togo has one of the lowest percentages of evangelized people in all of Africa. Approximately one in three Togolese practices some form of animism — a pagan belief in spirits.


HOPE RADIO’s Purpose, Mission, and Means

Purpose:  to evangelize and disciple the people of West Africa with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission:  to declare God’s life-changing truth in a compassionate and culturally relevant way in order to evangelize the unreached, disciple the believers, and equip the church through the use of multi-media.

Means:  to establish FM radio stations in West Africa as a partnership between Bible Basics International (BBI) and the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)



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  • Set up and operate a fully functional, FM Christian radio station in Mango, Togo.
  • Develop programming in the heart language of people that clearly presents truth in a compassionate and consistent way.
  • Broadcast quality Christian programming as a support to the outreach ministry of ABWE and the Togolese church.
  • Produce systematic discipleship materials (audio and literature) to accompany and enhance the radio broadcasts.
  • Train nationals in operations, production, presentation, and public relations.
  • Equip churches and leaders to use media in outreach and discipleship.
  • Use media in village outreach through the materials produced in studios.

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