Eugene and MonnadeanHISTORY

Bible Basics International was founded in 1973 by Eugene and Monna Dean Priddy, who, along with their five children, had been overseas missionaries with Trans World Radio in various positions including European Field Director and Assistant to the President. The Priddys sensed God’s call to begin a ministry that emphasized the teaching of the basic truths of God’s Word. Dr. Priddy’s desire to communicate the clear truths of Scripture led him to write several books and publications, including, Keep from Stumbling, a basic doctrine book that has been translated into over 10 languages and is used by thousands around the world.

Beginning from almost nothing in a basement office, BBI has grown steadily. Today, more than 40 years later, the mission headquarters is located on a beautiful two acre campus with 6400 square feet of office/studio space in the North Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Bible Basics became international in Honduras in the late 1980’s, in India in the late 1990’s, in Togo, Africa and Haiti in 2010. Around 30 missionaries serve in the US and around the world.

Bible Basics continues to emphasize the priority of teaching the basic truths of God’s Word through multiple formats and ministries. Our "About Us" page tells more about those formats and ministries. To read more about Eugene Priddy and to hear a recording of his memorial service follow this link: Dr. Eguene Priddy