About Us

Bible Basics was founded in 1973 by Eugene and Monna Dean Priddy who were overseas missionaries with the world’s largest radio mission.

Beginning from almost nothing, working out of the Priddy's basement office, BBI has grown steadily. Today, more than 40 years later, we have over 50 missionaries and volunteers and a wonderful outreach for the Gospel through radio, literature, evangelism and training ministries, and church planting.

A Little Background

Bible Basics International was founded in October, 1973 by Eugene and Monna Dean Priddy, who along with their five children, had been overseas missionaries. Eugene held different positions during their 16 years of service, including European Field Director, and Assistant to the President. The years of experience in missionary administration, finance, and overseas service in a worldwide radio outreach was used of the Lord in the development of BBI. Beginning from almost nothing, working out of the Priddy's basement office, BBI has grown steadily. Today, more than 40 years later, the mission is located on two acres of land in 6400 square feet of office-studio space in Tampa Bay, Florida. Bible Basics has a wonderful outreach for the Gospel.

Here is a summary in a nutshell:

BBI Bible Teaching

Radio programs have been written in easy to understand English, translated, and broadcast in over a score of languages. The target audience is new and untaught believers who desire a good foundation for their Christian faith. Often radio is the only place to get teaching since other means of Christian instruction are not available to them.

BBI Radio Broadcasts

Spanish Base Bíblica and English Bible Basics broadcasts are produced in our Florida studios and aired on stations both overseas and in the United States. “Base Bíblica” is currently heard on over 110 stations in the Americas, many of them via BBN’s Spanish satellite network. If you are not able to listen on your radio, you can listen here. BBI also produces a radio program for a nearby church. Our staff write and voice the opening and closing announcements for the messages and then they put the audio together into daily 25 minute broadcasts which are aired in the Tampa area as well as in a few other cities. You can hear Verse by Verse on line at this web site.

BBI India

The Director of BBI-Missions India leads a mission of 465 Indian missionaries working out of 137 locations with 600 worship groups and churches throughout India. They are evangelizing, disciplining believers, and planting local churches. These missionaries will follow-up BBI listener response to Indian language broadcasts. Many radio listeners have written telling of trusting Christ as Savior. The basic doctrine book has been given to several hundred pastors and Bible college graduates.

BBI Radio Station

Radio HRGS, BBI’s regional missionary station, serves the Bay Islands and the nearby coastal areas of Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. Much spiritual fruit has come from this ministry in salvation and Christian growth. In 2014, BBI turned over the keys to Radio HRGS to the local Baptist churches who are keeping HRGS on the air, continuing to broadcast fine Christian music and solid Bible teaching Spanish and English.

BBI Publications

The basic doctrinal series by Dr. Eugene Priddy has been published in English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, and Malayalam. A sister mission has published the book in Farsi, other wise known as Persian. Persian is the language spoken in Iran. Another sister mission has published parts of it in Assamese. Dr. Priddy’s book, A Fresh Look at the Holy Spirit, has been published in English and Hindi. Other books and publications are listed on our publications page.