Philosophy & Purpose

The ultimate purpose of the BBI STAR Teams is to "Help Churches Make Disciples." As we send our teams to Honduras, we seek to involve the local Honduran churches in the various areas of ministry. We don't want to just show up and do all the work ourselves and then leave. Instead we seek to have a long term impact in Honduras.

Each year we work with five churches in one specific area. We begin in April with the "Evangelism Training Seminars." These are helpful in training and encouraging the people in the local churches to share their faith in Jesus Christ with those around them. We follow that with our Medical Missions STAR Team in June. We work with the same five chruches and set up medical clinics in each of the churches. By providing free medical care, free medicine and free eye glasses we help elevate those churches in their community.

This also helps to open doors into area homes when we return in July with our Community Evangelism STAR Team. As our team goes through the community, our hope is that our Honduran brothers and sisters who were part of the Evangelism Training Seminars will join us. This gives our team members the chance to not only share the Gospel, but to also mentor our Honduran brothers and sisters in sharing their faith.

Our final team is the Discipleship STAR Team. This takes place in August and it is an opportunity for those who have received Christ from the previous STAR Teams as well as church members to receive training in basic Bible doctrine. Each of these teams builds upon the previous and by the end of the Discipleship STAR Team the churches have been strengthened.