Bible Teaching and Radio Programming

are important tools for spreading the Gospel.

BBI staff members teach seminars in various locations. There are a variety of subjects. Our STAR Teams of volunteers have made several trips to Honduras, where they have shared the Gospel in homes, churches, and schools. One important aspect of those school visits is the information provided about AIDS/HIV and how knowing Christ as your Savior is the only way to have the power to refrain from the activities which spread this disease.

BBI staff members have taught seminars in local churches here in the U.S. on topics such as, the occult, Hinduism, and Islam – including how to share your faith with Muslim people.

We will have several books and tracts available on our literature and publications web page. There you will find a list of our publications as well at our contact information. If you live in the Tampa Bay area please click here for our contact information page. It contains a map where you may get customized directions to our offices.

lifeofchristcd.gifBible Basics produces a variety of radio programs which teach basic Bible truths. Our Bible Basics series of 52 programs on basic doctrine has been translated into more than 25 different languages from Assamese to Zulu. Our Spanish programs air on more than 100 radio stations throughout the Americas. We also produce other programs such as The Life of Christ and various studies of specific Bible books, such as Revelation, James, and many more. Many of our English programs are available in booklet form. If you would like more information, just send an e-mail to or call the number below. sam montoya recording a message

Not long ago, we had the opportunity to re-record and digitally remaster Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s popular Thru the Bible program in Spanish. Our Spanish director, Rev. Samuel Montoya, originally translated Dr. McGee’s program into Spanish over 25 years ago. The technology available now has enabled us to make great improvements to the audio quality of this already effective teaching tool. It has also given Rev. Montoya an opportunity to refine and update his original translation. Countless Spanish speaking people have accepted Christ as their Savior from sin after listening to A Trav├ęs de la Biblia.