BBI: Then ... Once Upon A Time — 1979-83

Part II

Gerry & Sharon Pruden

Two of the most basic needs for every ministry are people and money. Our founder, Eugene Priddy, was keenly aware of those needs and often said so in his presentations.

The Lord started meeting the need for people in July, 1981. Dr. Priddy wrote that the Board of Directors had announced “the appointment of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Pruden to the ministry staff. Gerry and Sharon’s appointment is the answer to many prayers.” Future plans included a recording studio and radio program production. Gerry’s electronics and engineering background equipped him to fulfill this need and Sharon had already been a part-time volunteer for two years. She typed all the radio scripts and helped keep the financial records. Both are still working in the headquarters office in the Tampa Bay area.


Rev & Mrs Fred CliffordIn the summer of 1983 the Lord added two more couples, Rev. and Mrs. Fred Clifford and Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Montoya. Fred was our Southeastern Representative and presented the work and the needs of our ministry among churches and colleges around the region. Fred is now with the Lord and Irene lives in North Carolina near family.

Sam & Imna MontoyaSamuel and Imna Montoya were already veteran missionaries in 1983. They were both born in Colombia, South America where they lived until they became missionaries with Trans World Radio in 1964. Sam translated and recorded our radio programs in Spanish and also corresponded with the many listeners who contacted him. Sam and Imna are still serving in the Spanish ministry with Bible Basics in Honduras.

BBI: Then ... Once Upon A Time — 1979-83

Part I

An early letter from Keynote MinistriesIn late 1976, Trans World Radio had an emergency. They needed a European Field Director and asked Eugene if he would fill this roll temporarily while they looked for a man to take on the position permanently. The board of Keynote Ministries gave permission and Eugene served with both ministries until 1978. After his time with TWR, Eugene was back conducting seminars in local churches along the east coast.  By now he had developed the presentations, utilizing the technology of the times. With projected presentations and syllabi for each of the seminars, that part of the ministry was growing again.

Meanwhile, the Lord was opening another door of ministry combining Eugene’s years of radio experience with his teaching ministry.  In the fall newsletter of 1979 he wrote, “We’ve been praying that the Lord would somehow open up a missionary ministry to us overseas… The Lord has given me the opportunity to write a radio Bible study that’s being translated and broadcast to Russia.”

That same newsletter tells of Eugene’s opportunity to be on a monthly question and answer program which was produced by a local North Jersey radio station.  Praise the Lord, the callers received Biblical answers to some very serious questions.  Then the ultimate praise, “At least two people… have prayed to receive the Lord following the close of the program.”

BBI: Now ... A servant has gone home.

An early letter from Keynote Ministries

On January 26, a great woman of faith and prayer warrior went home to be with her Savior. Monna Dean Priddy spent the last 60 plus years serving Jesus. Even after leaving full-time ministry she reached so many because everyone she met could see her witness and dedication to the Lord. Monna Dean started her service with her husband, Eugene, at Trans World Radio back in the 1950’s and in the 1970’s they founded BBI. She spent her last year or so reaching the lost at the assisted living facility where she lived and during her stay at the hospital.

As her time drew near, she made sure that everyone knew that she was going home to see Jesus and to reunite with Eugene. You could tell by the look on her face how excited she was about it. Monna Dean’s last days were filled with visits from family and friends. She passed peacefully into glory, at home, in her favorite chair. We are saddened by our temporary separation from her, but are so happy that her physical problems are gone forever. Monna Dean is home and has heard, “Well done good and faithful servant.”