BBI News - Hope Radio Storm Damage

ALL HANDS ON DECK! - Hope Radio Update

By Steve Best

Moving a Roof Truss the Hard Way


The word around Hope Radio spread quickly for “All Hands On Deck!” Days before the welder motor failed and halted the work to complete the three remaining trusses for the rebuild of the Hope Radio buildings. The Hope Radio team gathered to figure out a way to construct the trusses so that the crane could be ordered and the trusses lifted in place before the ABWE Project Office Manager returned to America the next week. After prayer and discussions, a plan was put in place to order and purchase a new welder and seek help from the Hope Hospital maintenance staff to weld together the trusses at the hospital grounds.

 Now, Friday afternoon, October 20th, the 1700 pound metal trusses were finished and the first of the three was transported over to Hope Radio on a large truck. The call went out and men began to appear to remove the truss from the truck by hand and then take it over to the staging area to be painted. Grunts and groans prevailed as the growing group of men struggled to lift and slide the truss off of the truck. With sighs of relief, the men stood to catch their breath, wipe the sweat off their faces, and prepare to lift again and carry the truss the 150 feet to the staging area. Additional help arrived and all were repositioned around the truss as the team of 17 young men lifted together and moved swiftly to reposition the truss on barrels and framing made from the fallen radio tower! Spontaneous smiles of accomplishment and looks of confidence were all around as I thanked the men for pulling together and meeting the need! I asked them to move together so I could get a picture of them. After the photo, they were reminded that there are two more trusses coming over the very next day!

 My first visit to Mango ended that evening as I began the 8 hour ride to Lome where I would catch the first of several flights on my way home to the Bible Basics International office. I am rejoicing in the privilege to see what God is doing through the many prayer partners and generous donors to the Hope Radio Project and the Hope Radio Disaster Fund.

 The rebuild is under way! All of the trusses were painted and ready along with the new generator when the large crane came down the road and onto the Hope Radio site on Monday. The trusses are now all in place and the project manager is home. The next steps are being taken to build the pillars that will support the solar power panels that will be put in place in January. The roofing material will arrive soon to close in the buildings and the new tower is in a container in the middle of the Atlantic moving towards Togo!

 Please pray with us for safety, protection, progress, and the remaining funds needed to get Hope Radio on the air next spring!

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